Centric Brake Part Videos

National Spring supplies over 5,000 parts for you truck repair needs. Below are a few videos from Centric Parts to highlight a portion of our inventory. Contact us and let us know what parts you are looking for and our experienced staff will be happy to assist.

Caliper video:

These calipers go through a carefully controlled inspection and rebuild process. Their PosiQuiet loaded calipers and Centric Premium semi-loaded calipers have no details overlooked before reassembly.

Rotors and Drums:

Centric Parts has three brake dynamometers that run continuously 24/7 to ensure their rotors give you the stopping power you need. Each rotor goes through a meticulous process in order to deliver superior quality. With state of the art technology, Centric focuses on the details to make sure each rotor is precise and perfect.


The Brake Friction program includes C-Tek, Centric Premium, PosiQuiet, Fleet Performance, and Street Performance brake pads. The complete application-specific hardware kits provide a consistent and high friction level right out of the box.

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