Here are a few words from our customers to show National Spring’s commitment to superior service.

Spring Benefits for Bob

Bob was introduced by National Spring Inc. to a new camelback spring called the 62-147ATKIT. This spring is a replacement for several of the popular camelback springs. The benefits of the spring are:

  • Lighter weight – each spring is 108 pounds lighter than the traditional spring, for a total weight savings of 216 pounds per vehicle.
  • Improved fuel economy or increased payload.
  • Superior ride performance – either loaded or unloaded.
  • Increased life expectancy – bench tests reflect a 2 1/2 times greater life when compared to the O.E. version.
  • Installation modifications are limited to U-bolts. The spring uses standard insulator pads, top plates, etc.

Bob chose to install a set of the springs on his Mack truck. “The lower weight was an instant benefit, as my truck loads can now be increased. I have also been very pleased with the durability of the springs – no adjustments needed, and they appear to have longer life.”

National Spring was pleased with the spring installation too. Jim, the great National Spring mechanic, says, “The springs are much easier to handle because of the lighter weight. I know that I was less fatigued after the installation. I can see that potential body injuries will be reduced, also.”

The 62-147ATKIT is now available at National Spring.

“Thanks, Bob, for your feedback on this new technology. National Spring is proud to have you as our customer. We look forward to providing many new innovative suspension technologies to you and all of our customers in the future.”

Neil’s DOT Inspection

Neil had an urgent need for DOT inspections for his dump trucks. He operates a large fleet which is in great demand due to the recovering economy. How was he going to get all his contract work done and shut down his fleet for DOT inspections?

The Assistant Service Manager for National Spring happened to be visiting Neil and had the perfect solution. “National Spring now does general truck repair, which includes DOT inspections. We would be glad to schedule a time to perform the DOT inspections on all your trucks, at your convenience.”

Neil thought about it a bit and then decided to take National Spring up on their offer. A National Spring mechanic performed eight DOT inspections at one time, at a time that allowed Neil’s company to have the least amount of down time.

Neil was ecstatic! “National Spring worked around my schedule, used highly competent mechanics and best of all, was honest and straightforward in their assessments of the repairs that were needed. National Spring personnel are so easy to work with. I know that my needs come first – they truly are a ‘customer first’ company.”

National Spring was happy to provide good service, in a timely manner, and in a cost efficient manner, to our long-time customer. “Thanks, Neil, for choosing National Spring for your truck repair needs!”

Joe’s Suspension Solution

Joe came to us after purchasing a 1999 F350 Super duty pickup truck for his busy landscaping/snow plowing business. Unfortunately, the truck sagged in the rear and dropped the plow to the ground in the front. Who did he call? National Spring for a super solution to his sagging problems.

Mark, our Service Manager, asked a few questions. “How many miles are on the truck? Are any leaves actually broken? If you could add heavier springs, would that be a benefit?”

Joe thought a minute then answered, “125,000 and I have two leaves broken on each side. I certainly could use some added weight capacity. My drivers tend to overload our trucks all the time.”

Mark knew immediately he could help. “Let me explain our great options for you,” he said. “First of all, given the mileage on the vehicle and the broken leaves, you need new springs. We can put in those heavier springs, giving you additional capacity. In addition, we could add a leaf or two to each spring, and that would also give you more weight. We always shape our leaves to fit the unique spring. For the front, new springs and a Timbren rubber overload spring are the best solution. The Timbren gives you additional weight but helps maintain a smooth ride when you are not plowing. Even better, our best-in-Milwaukee mechanics (an average of over 25 years with National Spring alone) can install all the springs and get your vehicle back on the road in record time.”

Joe was ecstatic! National Spring provided the perfect solution to his suspension problem and put Joe back on his business road within a day.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!